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15 March 2006 @ 07:50 pm
in the world of the organic banana club
which lies in dust, forgotten
we are regarding a lovely british comedian
by the name of eddie izzard
if you are interested
room 141
on mondays
at lunch
we welcome all of you!
misery loves company
must find better tagline
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05 January 2006 @ 06:32 pm
emergency organic banana meeting in drier's room tomorrow after second period a cause de i don't want internal flex do you? so far, brooke is bringing a board game, and i have cranium and...dundundun...MYSTERY DATE! in my locker if she forgets.
you should all come.

oh. and all of you who missed brokeback mountain LOSE.
10 December 2005 @ 05:07 pm
LAST UPDATE! We are having the White Banana next week so make sure that you bring something, or you will be shunned for the rest of your life. Even when/if you lose contact with all us kool kats, people willlook at you and automatucally think "They look like a person who didn't join in the White Banana in that really cool club in high school, I better not associate with them." Damn straight. So come bearing gifts!

OH! We haven't officially set a date (I think) so post whatever date is best for you. If you don't, then we will just have it on Monday as usual. Or Friday because it's the last day before school ends. Not sure. This is a toughie...

P.S. I am now officailly turning this gathering into a pot luck. SO BRING FOOD! AND gifts. It'll be a party. OOOOOOOOH! Music too! Bring music! Or you'll be stuck listening to whatever I feel like. Which will proabably be RENT. Or Aqua. Maybe Wicked? Whatever. Actually, we'll probably end up listening to whatever the hell I feel like, so there's really no reason for bringing music. Other than to FEEL like you actually have a say. WHich you don't.

If anyone not in the club reading this (because I'm posting both places) wants to come to our potluck/ join in the party feel free to come! The more the merrier!

I'll just shut up. This could probably be summed up in oh, 3 sentences? But I enjoy rambling. And I'm bored. And you're probably bored too if you've read this entire thing. So I'm just helping you overcome your boredom. I'm such a self-sacrificing person. No need to thank me though. so..COME! BRING FOOD AND PRESENTS! BRING SLAVES/FRIENDS(same thing...)! MERRY CHRISTMAS! DAMN YOU FOR STEALING MY CHRISTMAS ICON KASSIA!I'LL TAKE THE CAPSLOCK OFF NOW.
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06 December 2005 @ 06:19 pm
the movie starts at five on friday. fox tower ten. COME. BRING MONEY. AND...CANDY? yus. alrighty. meeting in the foyer at 4:15 to walk down there. might consider buying your tickets early, as we are going to opening.
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04 December 2005 @ 12:19 pm
Kassia has no memory, so I'm here to amend her statements.

Due to the fact that the last Monday before school is out is a Global Pursuit day and I know that I wanna go see that and some of you probably want to also, we are actually going to have the White Banana gift exchange on the very last day of school, Friday. If that doesn't work tell us and we'll try to work something out where everyone can come. Or we'll see who we like least and just not care if they can;t come.

Be funny, be creative, and I hope to see you all there (with presents!)
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03 December 2005 @ 11:05 am
aLright! so..it's that time of year again! what time of year you say? THE TIME OF YEAR FOR A WHITE BANANA (elephant)!
bring a gift, if you buy it, a maximum cost of five dollars, if it comes from your house, at least make sure it's funny. like, don't bring a toe nail clipper. toe nail clippings, however, might elicit a laugh. (to be done dec...12th? whatever. monday of the last week.)
moving on! the next big thing is...BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN! followed by the... CHARITY DANCE! dec 9th, a friday, we plan to go see the cowboy movie. afterwards, we plan to go to the dance, six dollars prior, 8 dollars at the door, money going to help aids in...africa...i believe. ANWHOO! we be going.
also, on dec. 16th a set of four plays is opening at the coho theatre, COLD COMEDY CONCOCTION. i'd like to go opening, but we have to reserve tickets soon, or they might sell out, and then we'd (or kassia ) be SCREWED!~ (that's the only day i'm in town for...a...while) so! comment if you're interested in ANY of the above, and we'll try to make it work. we'll also announce at monday's meeting.)
conor, we need you, as only you contain the power of...sound. yeah, last week, we had to DUB the film. yup.
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26 November 2005 @ 07:26 pm
we, being the sexy fiends we are, have altered the whereabouts of our cultish activities. as in the other room no longer has a dvd player, so we have moved to one that does. 141. drier's room.
we love having mr. edmundson stare at us strangely...

(oh, as we are almost done with camp, any suggestions for the next film? also, if you have a happy game, bring it. we'd love to play it.)
Current Mood: crushedyes, i know no one reads this
We are planning on watching camp next monday in room 169. if there are any movies you would like to watch in the future PLEASE let us know. We are currently following a "so bad it's funny trend," but other suggestions are perfectly acceptable. please note that if no one has it and you can't provide it, it probably won't happen, as we have no group funds.
uh, yeah.
apparently the iron and wine concert was great. *sobs quietly*
i, of course, was off learning how to put up with dumb people being executives when kassia is lovely happy marketing but would do the executive stuff better than those in charge. not that i'm biased, or anything. *shifts eyes*
if you want to bring food, DO, cause it's beaucoup de yummy, and i kind of never have lunch.

EDIT: so, uh, kassia was wrong. our new drend is 'homoeroticism'. yeah. if you'd been at the meeting, you'd have had say in the matter, HINT HINT.
but, because kassia likes bad movies, bring those in too anyway. we can pretend they're homerotic.
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14 October 2005 @ 10:42 am
Roseland Theater

8 NW 6th (Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps)
Portland, Oregon 97209
Roseland Theater
8 NW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
Phone: (503) 224-2038

$22 advance, $24 door

does anyone want to go?
Friday, October 21, 2005
13 October 2005 @ 08:44 pm
hey. lets all go to the work party!!!!!
(expertly ignores the fact that she is not going. at least until , two? heheheh. my evil plan is underway! except not. felt the need to add that.)

SO COME! SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW...DRAMADIANS? yeah, something like that.
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